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My Spring Break Plans

My Spring Break Plans

I’m a rather simple person, who would rather stay at home than do anything too far away. I prefer the experiences I can find here. So, my spring break plans are pretty tame. They’re likely going to include keeping the blog going and trying to develop the Heated Gaming podcast. I’ll be trying out a few new and a few old games, alongside trying to finish Metal Gear Survive so I can do a good review of it. Expect to hear about it some on the podcast, by the way.

My dream plans, I suppose, would involve going over to Europe and visiting the United Kingdom. I have friends in far places, and that would be a very easy beginning to meeting some of them. If I were able to do other things as well, I would likely visit Sweden to meet some of my Swedish friends before going back to the US and staying here for the rest of the vacation, however long that would be. Not only would I venture out and meet those friends abroad, I would visit such sights as Stonehenge and Big Ben. But, for now, I must content myself with seeing them in VR.

Another thing I plan to do over Spring Break is creating more VR-related content. Ever since I got my Oculus Rift, Touch, and sensors early last February, I’ve been silent about VR. However, I believe I have done enough now to go ahead and speak my mind. I suppose I could give some of my thought here: I like it. It’s a new and interesting way to play games. That doesn’t do my thoughts any justice, but that explanation will do for now.

What do you guys have planned for Spring Break? Leave a comment below.

Sorry for the late post, I was sick. In other news, I’ll be trying my best to post every Friday from here on out.

Half Way Through My Sophomore Year

Half Way Through My Sophomore Year

Alternatively: What Happened to Heated Gaming?

Well, after an extremely long hiatus, I’m back, and with another personal update of what I’ve been doing: my Sophomore year of high school. It’s been pretty easy on me. Nothing eventful or bad really happened. I simply didn’t have the motivation to continue this blog as I had a lack of content to write about that wasn’t already blowing up across the internet. However, today, I decided to go back to it as I’ve gotten back into the class where I started this blog. Today, this blog is revitalized at least for another half of a year.

As for this blog, I believe the way forward is to do content relating to what I’ve been playing. Expect synopses of a rather good moment from certain video games that make me want to write about them so that all of you could perhaps find a new favorite game… or if the moment is a bug-ridden mess, you know what to steer away from getting. The old series I promised may or may not make a return, as that depends whether or not I find the inspiration to create something of significant value to continue them with. In short, expect more content to deal with gaming experiences and less to do with tutorials. I’m still going to try to give out gaming news, though.

And lastly, the Heated Gaming podcast. This podcast will be continuing sometime this year, and will likely not experience a hiatus on the level of what this blog has experienced until now. My friend and I now have the resources to continue the production of the Heated Gaming podcast at the same quality, allowing us to create more episodes. Over the as-now unknown time until our next production, we will be planning a schedule to create new episodes, and solidifying our format. Expect a new episode some time this quarter.

TL;DR: I’ve been having a rather nice Sophomore year of high school and plan to revitalize what I’ve been making on this blog and continuing the Heated Gaming podcast that I released a pilot for last year.

However, this blog is ultimately for the enjoyment of you, the reader. What do you think of these changes I plan to bring in the end of this half-year hiatus? Do you have your own suggestions on how I could develop this blog and the Heated Gaming Podcast? Or, perhaps, you just want to talk with the guy behind the blog. If you fulfill any of these criteria, leave a comment down below.

My Favorite Moment of My Freshman Year

My Favorite Moment of My Freshman Year

So, out of everything in 2016, I realized blogging was not my favorite platform for content creation. It feels a bit too response-less, and even though that may be from the small amount of traffic coming into my blog, I can derive much more enjoyment from another weekly content model: Podcasting. Podcasting allowed me to talk with a friend about recent events in gaming, and can easily provide multiple viewpoints without going into the eventual war zone that the comments will eventually become. Thus, finding out about how easy it was for me to slide into podcasting excited me. While the Heated Gaming podcast may be on hold until resources and free time are easily available, it will continue in due time.

Podcasting had its epiphany moment during the recording process. As I went over articles from larger gaming news sources, I was able to get quick thoughts and was easily able to start an intellectual debate. No flamewar, no hassle, just a nice conversation. It flowed better than I had thought it would, and while editing was a bit tedious, it was no issue once I had gotten into it.

However, something almost stopped me from finding out how enjoyable this could be. During the research process, I found the process of finding and rewording good information difficult, as there was plenty of insignificant news to sift through in order to find what people had wanted to hear. I pushed myself through the process (along with outside help, of course,) and eventually finished the minor news. There, I found my next roadblock.

The major news proved even more difficult to find than the minor news, as it’s not every day that you get something groundbreaking or an AAA release coming out. I soon realized that the timing would have to be looser than that of the minor articles, and once I accepted that, I was able to find what I needed. Luckily, at the time of writing, the first episode of the Heated Gaming podcast had came within a week of the Prey demo and the announcement of Call of Duty: World War II. While I have changed my stance on the game, it provided news enough and my temporary excitement helped fuel the energy needed for my first episode.

After pushing through these two complications, I found that I heavily enjoyed podcasting during recording. Overall, I believe this has one message to people: Stick with something to the end, even if you’ll do it only once. You may find that you enjoy it. If any reader has their own stories pertaining to this theme, summarize it in the comments below.

Dear Myself,

Dear Myself,

This a letter to my future self, as I wish to see my current self’s goals completed. However, I know that I will need encouragement, and as such I am writing this letter to keep myself pressured to complete the goals I have laid out for myself here. In the future, when I am a Senior in my high school, I wish to have the goals I set out here analyzed to see how much my goals have either changed or if my goals have been completed. I know I may change a lot from here until then, so I will have this as an eternal reminder, at least, of who I was now.

My first goal is to establish my brand. Heated Gaming may not be a household name by the time I get out of high school, but I plan to at least have some semblance of a following. Whether it be Heated Gaming’s podcast, blog, or my KhansTrillby YouTube channel, I hope to be able to entertain and possibly inspire people worldwide with my work. After all, the sooner the better, as the human life span is short in the grand scheme of the universe.

My second goal is to have written a book. Even if I do not establish a brand where I can directly connect with an audience, I hope to have become an author where I can spread my ideas of the world, however cynical, inspiring, or joyous they may be at the time. My books, hopefully, would put forward a feeling of hope towards the future, despite everything being insignificant as to not matter in the end of everything, as everything would have had meaning to who made it.

My third goal, as I know will stand in my mind, is to have progressed towards becoming a software engineer. I wish to work on computer programs, and perhaps create a stalwart defense against viruses and ransom-ware that people may rely on, especially with large organizations such as the NSA having proved to be unreliable in defending the very weapons of cyber warfare they planned to unleash and allowing said weapons to be utilized by petty thieves.