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Could the Nintendo Switch be Revolutionary?

Could the Nintendo Switch be Revolutionary?

The Nintendo Switch is a very exciting console for me, as consoles had stagnated for a while. The decision-makers at Sony and Microsoft seem to be designing their consoles to fulfill more of the purposes of a PC, while not offering the original advantages of owning a console. Effectively, there were fewer and fewer reasons to get a console over a PC, besides price (which I admit is a major factor.) However, the Switch caught my eye for one reason alone: it was a handheld with the power of a normal console. Granted, it doesn’t run at a 4k resolution like the Xbox One X, but being able to play games that I’d normally play at my set-up is nothing to scoff at.

However, that doesn’t get to why I think it’ll be revolutionary for consoles. The main reason is that consoles have removed their advantages. Does anyone remember the day where you could place a game’s disc into your console and be able to play it right away? That era is long gone due to the increase in a game’s size, and console makers have tried to make up for it by making their platforms like PC. However, the PC still has numerous advantages over consoles, such as not needing to pay for a service such as XBox Live or Playstation¬†Plus to play multiplayer games on top of an internet bill, not to mention things like Always-Online or console-enforced DRM. The Switch has closed this selling-point gap with its portability (and the fact their online service is only $20 a year as opposed to $60 a year, and the fact that you don’t need to have an online connection to use it.)

This doesn’t mean console makers may be willing to make this change, though. Sony didn’t see much success with their own handheld, the PS Vita, and Microsoft has never dabbled in handheld consoles while Nintendo had a large amount of experience with devices such as the GameBoy, Nintendo DS, and 3DS. These two companies would have to put their engineers into a whole new field of down-sizing and would have to get rid of the hype they’ve built up for technologies such as PS VR and being able to use a console to run a game at a 4k resolution.¬† The likelihood of these companies producing handhelds like the Switch is minimal at best. Despite what I say about advantages being ruined, console fans will still buy their company no matter how green the grass is on the other side of the fence.

But that’s enough of my cynicism, what do you think console makers will do? Do you think I’m entirely wrong? Leave your opinion down below.


My Community, Video Games, and the Radio

My Community, Video Games, and the Radio

With the rise of competitive college gaming, my mind has recently turned to the possibility of school teams for competitive gaming in a more mainstream format. One of the things that I’ve considered is asking my high school if they were willing to host a fundraiser to start their own competitive team(s.) It would help to build school spirit, as I know that at least I don’t really pay attention to high school sports. Thus, with the addition of more things people may care about such as competitive gaming, I believe the school could see its spirit enhanced.

Our local radio station is WEEM, and it usually is capable of hosting fundraisers or just getting attention in general. The radio station could conduct a fundraiser, which could serve as an interest survey into a possible competitive gaming team for the high school. Plus, there is a league dedicated to setting up high school tournaments for competitive gaming in North America (the High School Starleague. No, that is not a typo.) At worst, the best argument for a competitive gaming high school team would be additional profits from advertisers and tickets for the tournaments.

Considering how much popularity eSports has garnered, I would say that missing out on a growing fan base and getting experienced players early would be a huge missed opportunity. If the high school would try to take advantage of this, the two biggest challenges would be getting the equipment and finding the players. Not everyone is suited to become a competitive gamer, as reaction times are so fine as to the point where milliseconds can mark victory or defeat in a video game. High-end gaming PCs (so that a player’s performance would not be “bottlenecked” by the quality of the system they are running on) also run quite a high price, and a minimum of 6 (most competitive games feature teams of six) would be needed. Preferably, we’d have 12 systems, so that another team doesn’t have to lug what could possibly be 20-pound, fragile machines across the continent. However, if the school is willing to either pay for this or have a fundraiser pay for it, I believe it could pay off in the long-run. All that is needed after the equipment is gotten is the voice of WEEM.

Overwatch PTR 1.8 and team comp!

Overwatch PTR 1.8 and team comp!

Header Photo Credit: CreativeOllie ESWC OpTic Gaming via photopin (license)

As revealed on the Overwatch PTR update that released a few days ago, Bastion, D.Va, and Mercy got massively buffed. These changes (especially to Bastion) could drastically affect the team compositions pro-players decide to use. Today, we’re going to analyze how each of these changes could affect the frequency and the situations these heroes will be used in.

First of all, as stated before, the changes to Bastion are a massive net buff. While his Sentry mode’s cannon got a net nerf, his Recon, self-heal, and Tank mode all got a buff. With Bastion’s recon weapon becoming similar in spread to Soldier 76’s with extremely similar damage and a shield-busting sentry mode (which could affect how much Reinhardt is chosen against an enemy Bastion,) we could see a shift in the pro meta that reduces the amount of Soldier picks and drastically increases the number of Bastion picks.

Second off, D.Va’s Defense Matrix was buffed to reduce the distance an object needed to travel in order to be neutralized. It’s now more on-par with the abilities of Reinhardt’s shield, as it’s able to get rid of Roadhog hooks and Tracer’s pulse bombs. While she may not be a dedicated tank like Reinhardt, she’s becoming a much more viable backup when Reinhardt’s shield goes down. In combination with the Bastion buff, we could see a higher amount of D.Va picks rather than Roadhog, or the return of the Triple Tank meta.

Mercy also got a buff, in that she now becomes invincible like the rest of her teammates when using her Resurrection ultimate. The developers of Overwatch stated that the reason for doing this was that Mercy usually died immediately after using her ultimate in a useful way. They wanted to make sure that Mercy was able to stay in the fight after using her ultimate so any team that had her would have a higher chance of winning. However, we don’t think it’s enough to put her back in the meta.

But, what do you think of the recent PTR release? Do your expected changes in the meta differ from ours? Leave a comment below telling us what you expect and why.

Also, sorry for missing our Wednesday post, but we didn’t want to release any bad training tips for our viewers.


This Week In Gaming #1

This Week In Gaming #1

2.5 million PSP and Xbox 360 accounts hacked, according to CNET.

Just yesterday, the accounts of 2.5 million people on the PSP and XBox 360 were hacked. It leaked the personal information of large amounts of players, including their financial information. Even if you didn’t store your financial information on your XBox Live and PSN account, if you use the password on them on different websites, those accounts are now at risk.

Pokemon Go boosted the sales of Sun and Moon, according to Express.

According to statistics released by Nintendo, the sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the first two Pokemon games released after the launch of Pokemon Go, saw higher sales to people in their 20’s and 30’s than usual. 17% of purchasers also had never played a Pokemon game in their life, higher than the usual amount of new fans. Nintendo expects these games to still be selling strongly, along with future Pokemon titles.

XBox One’s Games for Gold titles released, and new backwards-compatible games leaked.

Stuntman: Igniton, Mad Tracks, and JUJU have been leaked to have been ported over from the XBox 360 to the XBox One. The three new games for this week are Alice: Madness Returns, Shadows of the Damned, and Rocket Knight. Games for Gold’s current line-up is Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Project Cars: Digital Edition, Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

PaiN Gaming lawsuit against Riot Games dismissed, according to PVP Live.

The lawsuit was dismissed by the Brazilian courts, and denied Riot Brazil’s requests for reparations. This ends a 9-month long series of drama, however, another team has been found in violation of the “sister team” rule to continue the League of Legends scandals.

ASUS launches new Expedition line of graphics cards, according to AnandTech.

Five new Expedition cards have been released, all coming from the GTX family. ASUS’s objective with this new line is to lower the price of the cards for the same performance and longevity. The cards were stress-tested for 144 hours in different conditions to ensure they would be able to handle what was thrown at them. Their best card out of the line-up was the Expedition GeForce GTX 1070. A motherboard was released with the same goal as the graphics cards. The company aims to sell these to gaming cafes.

Overall, this week has been a good week for gaming (lawsuits and hacking aside.) What do you think? Do the good things this week outweigh the lawsuit and 2.5 million hacked accounts?




Aiming Practice and You!

Aiming Practice and You!


Right, so before anyone gets good at an FPS, they will have to learn one vital skill to success: Aiming. Before you learn positioning or go customizing your stats, you have to learn to aim, as you’ll lose every encounter with an enemy if you can’t. We’re going to be taking Overwatch as our example for aiming practice exercises, but you can usually apply similar concepts to other FPS’s.

You’ll want to open up your main menu, and select training.


Then, you’ll want to select the practice range.


After that, you’ll load load into the practice range. You’ll want to take a left, and see two robots. There should be two black wires next to them.overwatch-3

Stand in front of those wires, and take time lining up a shot on the training bots. You’re going for consistency and accuracy, not speed. Once you get to a speed that you think is viable in actual matches, you’re ready to move on to the next exercise.

There are no images here, as this exercise is in the same place! You want to repeat what you did earlier, but you want to add strafing. Strafing is when you move right and left so that you’re less likely to be hit by an opponent. Thus, you’ll want to do this whenever you get into a firefight, and you want to be able to hit an opponent while you do so.

Our last exercise for practicing your aiming occurs in the moving bot area.overwatch-last

Now, you’ll want to practice the same skills you have before. Shoot bots while standing still, and then add strafing. Accuracy and consistency over speed. Once you have destroyed all the bots in a row 3 times whilst strafing, you’re done with your practice session.

If you feel like practicing your headshots, there’s a simple way to do that, too. Go back to the training menu, and select Practice vs. AI.


Fill the enemy team with Ana, set the damage to headshots only, and try to win a few games!

Have any other aiming-training tips? Leave them in the comments below.