Aiming Practice and You!

Aiming Practice and You!


Right, so before anyone gets good at an FPS, they will have to learn one vital skill to success: Aiming. Before you learn positioning or go customizing your stats, you have to learn to aim, as you’ll lose every encounter with an enemy if you can’t. We’re going to be taking Overwatch as our example for aiming practice exercises, but you can usually apply similar concepts to other FPS’s.

You’ll want to open up your main menu, and select training.


Then, you’ll want to select the practice range.


After that, you’ll load load into the practice range. You’ll want to take a left, and see two robots. There should be two black wires next to them.overwatch-3

Stand in front of those wires, and take time lining up a shot on the training bots. You’re going for consistency and accuracy, not speed. Once you get to a speed that you think is viable in actual matches, you’re ready to move on to the next exercise.

There are no images here, as this exercise is in the same place! You want to repeat what you did earlier, but you want to add strafing. Strafing is when you move right and left so that you’re less likely to be hit by an opponent. Thus, you’ll want to do this whenever you get into a firefight, and you want to be able to hit an opponent while you do so.

Our last exercise for practicing your aiming occurs in the moving bot area.overwatch-last

Now, you’ll want to practice the same skills you have before. Shoot bots while standing still, and then add strafing. Accuracy and consistency over speed. Once you have destroyed all the bots in a row 3 times whilst strafing, you’re done with your practice session.

If you feel like practicing your headshots, there’s a simple way to do that, too. Go back to the training menu, and select Practice vs. AI.


Fill the enemy team with Ana, set the damage to headshots only, and try to win a few games!

Have any other aiming-training tips? Leave them in the comments below.


Why was this made?

Why was this made?

Welcome to the Game Station. No doubt you, my readers, have seen what I intend to do with this blog plastered all over it. You may ask yourself, why? After all, you could just look up tutorials on YouTube, and find gaming news on plenty of other websites. However, think of this as a time-saving one-stop shop. After all, this is a compilation of all those things in one place that will be put down as tutorials.

So, introduction aside, what do you readers want to learn? Naturally, I’ll be putting up a post about aiming as it’s a necessary concept, but what specifics do you guys need to get down? Leave a comment below about what you want to learn.