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My Spring Break Plans

My Spring Break Plans

I’m a rather simple person, who would rather stay at home than do anything too far away. I prefer the experiences I can find here. So, my spring break plans are pretty tame. They’re likely going to include keeping the blog going and trying to develop the Heated Gaming podcast. I’ll be trying out a few new and a few old games, alongside trying to finish Metal Gear Survive so I can do a good review of it. Expect to hear about it some on the podcast, by the way.

My dream plans, I suppose, would involve going over to Europe and visiting the United Kingdom. I have friends in far places, and that would be a very easy beginning to meeting some of them. If I were able to do other things as well, I would likely visit Sweden to meet some of my Swedish friends before going back to the US and staying here for the rest of the vacation, however long that would be. Not only would I venture out and meet those friends abroad, I would visit such sights as Stonehenge and Big Ben. But, for now, I must content myself with seeing them in VR.

Another thing I plan to do over Spring Break is creating more VR-related content. Ever since I got my Oculus Rift, Touch, and sensors early last February, I’ve been silent about VR. However, I believe I have done enough now to go ahead and speak my mind. I suppose I could give some of my thought here: I like it. It’s a new and interesting way to play games. That doesn’t do my thoughts any justice, but that explanation will do for now.

What do you guys have planned for Spring Break? Leave a comment below.

Sorry for the late post, I was sick. In other news, I’ll be trying my best to post every Friday from here on out.

The Metal Gear Survive Anomaly

The Metal Gear Survive Anomaly

Not too long ago, the Metal Gear: Survive Beta started (which, honestly, is more of a demo because of how close it is to release) and ended yesterday. I expected the game to be laughably bad, and to likely die off the day-of launch like Umbrella Corps did. However, when I played the beta, I found something odd: I was having fun in this game. Of course, I was playing with friends, which makes anything better, but the game itself was enjoyable. I’ve ended up deciding to do a review of it on the Heated Gaming podcast next month.

So, why did Metal Gear: Survive grab me? I believe it was down to the combat in the multiplayer beta. I ended up playing as a heavy-weapon user, using the sledgehammer and 3 guns to take down my enemies. This strategy became more and more effective as I built up my strength and health, and when I discovered abilities that cut down on the wind-up time of the hammer’s swings, I was able to hold down a lane of Wanderers single-handedly. It was a rush to take out 8 enemies in a blow and to be the one responsible for taking out higher-health threats due to my burst damage. Of course, that didn’t mean I was invincible, and I always needed teammates with different armaments to defend and skirmish. The team play that sometimes occurred, especially when Walker Gears came into play, was fully silent. We knew our roles.

So, do I think Metal Gear: Survive will be a masterpiece? No, of course not, they’d need Kojima to go ahead and create a masterpiece again, but I think it’ll be an extremely fun game. I have expectations for Metal Gear: Survive, and while I hope Konami breaks away from the Metal Gear franchise, I’ll give them this title. Of course, reviewing this game means I’ll likely be reviewing Death Stranding by Kojima Studios in future.

So, do you guys have any expectations on Metal Gear: Survive? Are you boycotting it because of the Konami-Kojima drama? Or do you simply not trust Konami to make another good game ever again? Whatever your opinion is, leave it in the comments below.

Why Make-Up Days Should Be Abolished

Why Make-Up Days Should Be Abolished

I believe the make-up day (for schools, of course,) should be abolished. They contribute NOTHING to society other than an utter disregard for observed holidays. The observed holiday is an extremely important part of doing nothing productive whatsoever American culture. The make-up day is an abomination on President’s Day specifically, as it shows full contempt for all presidents, past, present, and future. This trend must be stopped.

The make-up day, in addition, also goes against the free time of children across snowy states of the nation. The inevitable snow ruins the normal school schedule, resulting in these horrible make-up days as a result of an unmoving school system. Why not just rush everyone? I’m sure that wouldn’t cause any issues with students that require more time for certain subjects. This new system of having an attitude of “oh well” about make-up days would ultimately result in a more educated populace.

In addition, the make-up day enforces the full stoppage of education of the holiday. Even if we were to continue this terrible policy, we should begin mandatory education about the holidays. If we were to engage in this new education, then students would obviously become more educated about, for example, American students. It surely wouldn’t be forgotten roughly ten minutes after school dismissing. Finally, the students would be educated, appeased, and most of all, playing homework in the extra time they have.

If you have any recommendations about other ways to handle the apocalyptic make-up day, leave a comment below.





















This is another satire blog. Real content will be coming up later today about the Metal Gear: Survive beta.

Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

I hate Valentine’s Day, and that’s because NO ONE WANTS TO GO OUT WITH ME! Every time I ask someone out, they say “Get out of here, trash,” and then I run away and cry. This holiday is terrible for people like me, as it celebrates all of those who try too hard to get with someone. So, obviously, I want to see this holiday replaced. In my mind, there are two good candidates that could be here that could allow ME to be celebrated.

My first candidate for a possible Valentine’s Day Replacement is Introvert’s Day. Introvert’s Day would be about celebrating those who would rather stay at home and do their own thing all day. It would hopefully be a day where businesses and schools close down so I could play more video games be more productive. This holiday would likely increase productivity across the whole nation. In fact, it could cause the US economy to go from trillions of dollars in debt to an absolute powerhouse with boatloads of cash.

My second candidate for a replacement for Valentine’s day is Go Out With a Stranger Day. This is a day where everyone goes out with a stranger (hopefully one they met online.) This day would be totally safe, as no one ever lies about who they really are. But, if you’re really nervous, you could always go out with a stranger you’ve seen in real life. No one in real life ever turns out to be creepy, right?

If you are in support of one of these Valentine’s Day Replacements, or if you have an idea for one of your one, leave it in the comments below.






This is a joke, by the way.

Could the Nintendo Switch be Revolutionary?

Could the Nintendo Switch be Revolutionary?

The Nintendo Switch is a very exciting console for me, as consoles had stagnated for a while. The decision-makers at Sony and Microsoft seem to be designing their consoles to fulfill more of the purposes of a PC, while not offering the original advantages of owning a console. Effectively, there were fewer and fewer reasons to get a console over a PC, besides price (which I admit is a major factor.) However, the Switch caught my eye for one reason alone: it was a handheld with the power of a normal console. Granted, it doesn’t run at a 4k resolution like the Xbox One X, but being able to play games that I’d normally play at my set-up is nothing to scoff at.

However, that doesn’t get to why I think it’ll be revolutionary for consoles. The main reason is that consoles have removed their advantages. Does anyone remember the day where you could place a game’s disc into your console and be able to play it right away? That era is long gone due to the increase in a game’s size, and console makers have tried to make up for it by making their platforms like PC. However, the PC still has numerous advantages over consoles, such as not needing to pay for a service such as XBox Live or Playstation Plus to play multiplayer games on top of an internet bill, not to mention things like Always-Online or console-enforced DRM. The Switch has closed this selling-point gap with its portability (and the fact their online service is only $20 a year as opposed to $60 a year, and the fact that you don’t need to have an online connection to use it.)

This doesn’t mean console makers may be willing to make this change, though. Sony didn’t see much success with their own handheld, the PS Vita, and Microsoft has never dabbled in handheld consoles while Nintendo had a large amount of experience with devices such as the GameBoy, Nintendo DS, and 3DS. These two companies would have to put their engineers into a whole new field of down-sizing and would have to get rid of the hype they’ve built up for technologies such as PS VR and being able to use a console to run a game at a 4k resolution.  The likelihood of these companies producing handhelds like the Switch is minimal at best. Despite what I say about advantages being ruined, console fans will still buy their company no matter how green the grass is on the other side of the fence.

But that’s enough of my cynicism, what do you think console makers will do? Do you think I’m entirely wrong? Leave your opinion down below.


YouTubers and Video Games

YouTubers and Video Games

A game’s success relies on the popularity of it before release. While some games are significant successes out of nowhere, such as Undertale and other unadvertised titles, their sudden boosts of popularity didn’t appear out of thin air. One of the best ways a video game can get popular is through YouTubers, as a video of a game from a channel with a big audience can get the word out quickly. However, this isn’t always a one-way street. A YouTuber’s fan base may also impact a game, perhaps in ways unseen.

A game goes nowhere without an audience. Developers (and publishers, depending on the game,) need money, or else they can’t support themselves. Thus, the free advertising platform of YouTubers comes into play. This relationship, for the most part, is mutually beneficial. A YouTuber is always looking to be ahead of his or her competition, as being the first to a new game may mean to first to attract fans by having something no other channel has, thus allowing for increased revenue. The developer gets free advertisement to the YouTuber’s fans, which in turn gets them extra sales.

However, as said earlier, developers may not want a YouTuber playing your game. For example, if the game hasn’t been released yet, showing off the game to him or her and his or her audience in a bad state may lead to the YouTuber verbally trashing your game on-video, ruining its reputation irreparably in most case. For example, PewDiePie trashed Bear Simulator on-video. The developer of Bear Simulator quit afterward, tarnishing his name in the gaming community. What seemed to me to be the common consensus was that, if the developer would quit before making a game worthwhile due to one man’s harsh criticism, there was no reason to buy from him. While this is true in some ways, one must also consider this one man was the most popular person on YouTube, likely ruining any chance this developer had at making it in the gaming industry.

However, this is just my insight on the relationships between YouTubers and developers. Do you have any freak interactions between both, or perhaps a developer being harassed by a fanbase? Any opinions yourself? Leave your thought in the comments below.


The Current State of Virtual Reality

The Current State of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, as it currently stands, is in the position to grow into a large section of the video games industry. The enthusiasm for it is extreme, as many people wish to enter fictional words and interact with them as if they were real. This has been made possible by the minds at Valve, HTC, and Oculus, alongside many others. Development of hardware has also come a long way, with devices like the Vive Pro able to come into existence due to a new frontier of technology for VR headsets to take advantage of.

However, a gaming system (or however you’d like to refer to VR) is nothing without games and population. A problem with VR is that it’s expensive — you have to own a suitable PC to run them, and then you have to spend another $400-$600 dollars in order to actually get a good VR headset to use. Games like VRChat would’ve died extremely quickly without a population, but due to the addition of desktop support, the game is very alive and well. Payday 2’s VR experience would be seen as a gimmick if it didn’t have the sturdy Payday 2 community behind it in the VR beta, allowing those who want to try it out to not be locked in with only VR users and a dead way to play.

However, some dedicated VR titles have been able to pull ahead and make a decent amount of money without a desktop population, which only goes to show how much interest in VR has grown ever since the debut of the Oculus Rift’s development kits. The addition of new controls and new combat systems shouldn’t be forgotten for their vitalness in garnering this interest.

Because of all these factors, I’m likely going to get a VR headset this February. I’ll be sure to report to you guys on how worthwhile it is, along with giving a few recommendations for games to play. But, you guys may have your own recommendations and experiences! If you have a VR headset and want to tell me more about how it is with these types of titles or if you have any recommendations for me, leave a comment below.