Dear Myself,

Dear Myself,

This a letter to my future self, as I wish to see my current self’s goals completed. However, I know that I will need encouragement, and as such I am writing this letter to keep myself pressured to complete the goals I have laid out for myself here. In the future, when I am a Senior in my high school, I wish to have the goals I set out here analyzed to see how much my goals have either changed or if my goals have been completed. I know I may change a lot from here until then, so I will have this as an eternal reminder, at least, of who I was now.

My first goal is to establish my brand. Heated Gaming may not be a household name by the time I get out of high school, but I plan to at least have some semblance of a following. Whether it be Heated Gaming’s podcast, blog, or my KhansTrillby YouTube channel, I hope to be able to entertain and possibly inspire people worldwide with my work. After all, the sooner the better, as the human life span is short in the grand scheme of the universe.

My second goal is to have written a book. Even if I do not establish a brand where I can directly connect with an audience, I hope to have become an author where I can spread my ideas of the world, however cynical, inspiring, or joyous they may be at the time. My books, hopefully, would put forward a feeling of hope towards the future, despite everything being insignificant as to not matter in the end of everything, as everything would have had meaning to who made it.

My third goal, as I know will stand in my mind, is to have progressed towards becoming a software engineer. I wish to work on computer programs, and perhaps create a stalwart defense against viruses and ransom-ware that people may rely on, especially with large organizations such as the NSA having proved to be unreliable in defending the very weapons of cyber warfare they planned to unleash and allowing said weapons to be utilized by petty thieves.


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